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Management is about coping with complexity…Leadership is about coping with change.

John P. Kotter (2001) 'What leaders really do', Harvard Business Review, Dec, pp85-96

Our aim is to develop leaders so that they promote positive change in your organisation rather than simply cope with it. Similarly we seek to develop managers so that they have the tools and behaviours to make sense of and manage complexity.

We provide a sound basis for all of our management or leadership development interventions by mapping them against the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) qualifications framework. Whether you choose to pursue the accreditation is up to you. However, if we map against the ILM framework, you retain the option of completing assessments and building up qualifications via the Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF). We work across the full range of qualification levels from 3 (junior manager) to 7 (strategic manager/leader).

If you are relatively new to leadership, you might be interested in the introductory course that we offer here. 

The effectiveness of embedding coaching within a programme of learning is increasingly being recognised for its value in helping change stick. We only work with accredited executive/leadership coaches and you will note our affinity with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s premier coaching body.

If you are relatively new to the use of coaching, you might be interested in the introductory course that we offer here.  Although coaching is often associated with face-to-face sessions, coaching can also take place via web conferencing or as team coaching.


"The coaching sessions with Miles helped me identify the real challenges at both personal and professional level. I was able to define appropriate next steps and to find better solutions by keeping the balance between what I wished to achieve and what others expected of me. Thanks to Miles' coaching I kept focussed on the goals I had and felt confident to use my skills and available resources."
Manager Global Assignment Compliance, Daimler AG, Germany

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