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Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.

William Bruce Cameron (1963) 'Informal Sociology'


This sounds like a call to action. It is for us as it summarizes what we do.

  • Research - If you want to understand something better, we can do the research for you. That might be around customer perceptions, competitor positioning or understanding how your project fits with policy.
  • Evaluation - We act as independent evaluators of projects. Our experience includes projects funded by National Lottery (Community and Heritage Funds), EU Structural Funds, Regional Governments and independent funders.
  • Change Makers - We build or add temporary capacity. To date, assignments have ranged from fundraising to training university staff to commercialise intellectual property.

Get in touch and we’ll be pleased to learn about your needs and work with you to devise a solution.

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