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Coaching in the Project Environment

The Association for Project Management (APM) has just published an e-book on Coaching in the Project Environment.  We are delighted that the 20 Degrees team contributed significantly to this publication.  Alun, started the initial blog discussions around the topic and identified the team of contributors for the e-book.  Miles wrote the opening chapter.

The e-book is a free resource, openly available via the APM website.  We strongly recommend you take this opportunity to explore coaching and decide whether it can help you.


Minority Groups

We seem to be developing a niche in evaluating projects working with minority groups.  One such evaluation that we are working on at the moment is the Minorities are Wales' Resource (MAWRII) project. 

Talking to people about the way project partners and relatively simple training interventions have changed their lives has been both interesting and humbling.  We've heard of conditions in some other countries that shock.  We've heard from people with a demonstrably strong work ethic.

Perhaps the level of political debate on immigration to the UK would benefit from a wider hearing of what motivates economic migration and what those migrants are willing to offer their adopted country.  Certainly, we'd all benefit from more evidence-based policy making rather than tabloid sensationalism.

Coaching in the Project Environment

Coaching has been recognised for many years as a key mechanism for embedding skills learned through a training programme.  Less attention has been given to coaching in the project environment.  

Alun and Miles contributed to the debate by organising a coaching taster event for the Association of Project Management (APM)  An extract from the APM's Network July 2014 newsletter highlights the benefits of even a single 45 minute session for participants.

Even if meeting a coach is time or cost prohibitive, one option is to engage in coaching via a web conferencing mechanism such as Skype.  As the participants in this taster session found, it can be worth a relatively small investment.

PRINCE2 Accreditation


We are delighted to be able to offer PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner courses.  This extends our project management offer, building on the training activity we have been undertaking with organisations such as North Somerset Council and DAS.

As Alun, one of our directors put it, 'All of our work is undertaken in a project context.  The ability to offer PRINCE2 courses was a logical step in our development.  Given our other director, Miles, has been a PRINCE2 trainer since 2003, it was an obvious addition to our portfolio'.


PRINCE2 is a registered trademark of AXELOS Ltd. APMG-International is an Examination Institute for PRINCE2. USW Commercial Services Ltd is an Accredited Training Organisation of APMG-International. 20 Degrees Consulting Ltd is an Affiliate of USW Commercial Services Ltd.


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Finding Time

It is always a challenge trying to find time to write.  We're all so busy all the time.  That certainly applies to us.

We are in the intensive, final stage of analysing and writing up an evaluation of the Meic service.  This is the Welsh Government commissioned advocacy and advice service for children and young people in Wales.  We've learned a huge amount about advocacy during this assignment and have been really impressed by the work being undertaken by a range of advocacy providers.  The case studies from children and young people have sometimes brought a tear to the eye but really tell the story of lives being turned around for the better.

That idea of support for the vulnerable pervades another assignment on which we are working.  This time the client is Caerphilly County Borough Council on behalf of the Local Service Board.  We're evaluating a project on how information is shared between agencies such as the Council, Police Force, Health Board and voluntary sector organisations.  To understand the importance of this work, you only need to think back to the last news item about the abuse of a young person leading to their death.  So often it is concluded that the abuse may have been picked up and the death prevented if the various agencies had shared information appropriately.

Time to go now as there's lots to do.  There's a presentation to prepare for the ColegauCymru conference sharing the findings of our recent study into international engagement of FE Colleges in Wales.  Our friends at Swansea University want us to start another piece of work for it's all good!

Win £15 of Amazon Vouchers

If you or a member of your family is under 25 and lives in Wales, here is a chance to win £15 of Amazon vouchers simply for them filling in a short survey. There are 3 sets of vouchers to be won. The survey relates to a piece of work we are doing for Welsh Government about MEIC: the national advocacy, advice and information service for children and young people in Wales ( You don't even need to have used MEIC or even to have heard of it. Good luck.

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What a great week

Some weeks go better than others.  We've just had a great one.

The launch of our 'effectiveness' programme of courses has gone as well as we expected.  It is good to see people booking on to these short courses.  The Effective Project Delivery course looks particularly popular.

This week also saw us winning a contract with a new client - more of that when the contract has been signed.  However, that wasn't the only good news.  We presented the Strategic Review of Disability Wales to their board on Wednesday.  That was a really interesting piece of work and a genuinely impressive organisation.  They've certainly won a couple of converts from this organisation to the 'social model of disability.'  So, it was with immense pleasure that we accepted an invitation to work with them again on another project.

All in all, a great week.  If next week is like this, the excitement from 20 Degrees will be heard for miles around!

Effectiveness Training Programme for Spring 2014

Training courses require investments of time and money.  They need to make an impact.  They need to generate a return on investment.

Our new 'Effectiveness' training programme for Spring 2014 focus on skills that make a difference.  Change is all around us.  We need to be able to deal with change and lead through change.  The benefits intended at the outset of a project need to be delivered.  With this is mind we've developed our Effectivess training series.

Effective Change Management  20th March or 2nd June

Effective Project Delivery  16th April or 5th June

Effective Leadership Skills 17th April or 6th June

We are grateful to Broomfield and Alexander, the largest independent firm of accountants in Wales, for their support in offering these courses.

Announcing the Launch of our Open Course Programme

We are delighted to launch our programme of training courses for 2014.  We aim to provide a series of practical and highly participatory courses that impact positively on organisations...yet provide excellent value for money.

Broomfield & Alexander, the largest independent firm of accountants in Wales, is sponsoring our first event.  The 'Effective Change Management' course will be held at their Cardiff site at Cardiff Gate Business Park on 20th March.  The event will help leaders navigate a rapidly changing environment by introducing key tools, techniques and best practice change management approaches.

The course will be led by Miles Huckle, a change management specialist and multi-accredited trainer.

Details of the course can be found here and a course booking form can be found here.


LEADing the way to business growth in Wales

We are really enjoying working with Swansea University with regards to their LEAD Wales programme.  It is a development programme for owner managers that we feel confident in recommending to others.  We like the way it is experiential in nature and based around principles that have been evidenced to work in helping SMEs grow.

In addition to short, sharp workshops enabling owner managers to learn the kind of skills you'd expect to see any any senior level development programme, embedding coaching and action learning within the programme is something we applaud particularly.  This really makes the learning stick and makes the programme specifically relevant to the owner-manager's company.  This shows in the impact the programme demonstates on companies where the owner manager has attended a previous programme.

The LEAD Wales course is free in Convergence areas of Wales.  The next course runs in Bridgend but other locations are scheduled.  To learn more, drop us a line.

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