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Blog > Effectiveness Training Programme for Spring 2014

October 13, 2014

Training courses require investments of time and money.  They need to make an impact.  They need to generate a return on investment.

Our new 'Effectiveness' training programme for Spring 2014 focus on skills that make a difference.  Change is all around us.  We need to be able to deal with change and lead through change.  The benefits intended at the outset of a project need to be delivered.  With this is mind we've developed our Effectivess training series.

Effective Change Management  20th March or 2nd June

Effective Project Delivery  16th April or 5th June

Effective Leadership Skills 17th April or 6th June

We are grateful to Broomfield and Alexander, the largest independent firm of accountants in Wales, for their support in offering these courses.

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