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Example projects


Alun Hughes, the Managing Director of 20 Degrees, outlines some examples of the types of evaluation projects we have undertaken over the last eight years.

Citizen-Directed Co-operatives Cymru (CDCC)

This National Lottery Community Fund project was led by Disability Wales and supported by the Wales Co-operative Centre. We undertook mid-term and final evaluations of this innovative project which sought to raise the profile of Direct Payments in Wales and establish a disabled-people led co‑operative for the benefit of disabled people.

Sustainable Play

Sustainable Play was led by Groundwork Wales in collaboration with Groundwork North Wales and SNAP Cymru. It was supported by Welsh Government to ‘increase and enhance the accessibility and quality of children’s outdoor play experiences across areas of Wales suffering from high levels of deprivation’. 20 Degrees was commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of the programme at the interim and final stages.

Swindon & Wiltshire LEP

The Swindon & Wiltshire LEP secured a City Deal to support an ambitious 5-year programme. This will lead to up-skilling of 18,000 local people at levels 4 to 7 to address a sizeable and growing skills gap in the local economy. 20 Degrees worked with the LEP to create a group of pathfinder higher education providers able to deliver high level work based learning in the area.

Swindon & Wiltshire LEP case study (PDF)

BBNPA Rural Alliances

'Rural Alliances' was established to address negative impacts brought about by demographic change across North West Europe. Objectives include improving prospects for people and businesses, generating active and interesting communities and ensuring rural areas are fun and enjoyable for visitors.

20 Degrees delivered a series of workshops to address topics such as stakeholder engagement, visioning, developing business plans, funding and managing issues and challenges to ensure 'rural vibrancy'.

BBNPA Rural Alliances case study (PDF)

Minorities Are Wales' Resources II

MAWRII (Minorities are Wales’ Resources II) was an ESF supported project led by Swansea YMCA with its partners VALREC (Valleys Regional Equality Council) and NWREN (North Wales Regional Equality Network). 20 Degrees undertook a final evaluation of the project.

MAWRII case study (PDF)

Higher/Further Education

Core Services for Higher/Further Education:

  • Project development
  • Interim project management
  • Project/programme evaluation
  • Mentoring/coaching in the project environment

HE-FE capability statement (PDF)


Core services for the Voluntary/Not-for-Profit section:

  • Project development
  • Interim project management
  • Project/programme evaluation
  • Mentoring/coaching in the project environment

Not-for-Profit capability statement (PDF)

INQUIRE: The Agile Diagnostic

We have applied INQUIRE in several organisations, resulting in an exceptional response. Our clients have found the approach to be a highly-effective way to appreciate how parts of the organisation really operate.

INQUIRE capability statement (PDF)

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